Fizz Weekly Issue #2

Fizz Weekly第二期,这周新闻比较多。




已故的互联网之子—Aaron Swartz写过一篇文章I Hate the News,太多的新闻,只是浪费时间。

  1. Spiteri, Kevin, Rahul Urgaonkar, and Ramesh K. Sitaraman. “BOLA: Near-Optimal Bitrate Adaptation for Online Videos.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1601.06748 (2016). 

  2. Yan Liu, Jack Y. B. Lee, “A Unified Framework for Automatic Quality-of-Experience Optimization in Mobile Video Streaming,” in Proc. IEEE Int’ Conf. Computer Communications (INFOCOM)(acceptance rate 18%), San Francisco, CA, USA, Apr. 2016. 

  3. Borji, Ali, and Laurent Itti. “State-of-the-art in visual attention modeling.” Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on 35.1 (2013): 185-207.